Negativity is a strong emotion that greatly impacts our emotional well-being and the people around us. It sets a limitation on our purpose in life and hinders us from living life to the fullest. Research has shown that people who can’t remove negativity from their lives incur extra stress and illness than those who stay positive.

The moment we decide to be optimistic, we start to come across people and situations that are also positive. We tend to see positivity in everything around us, allowing us to be more productive.

Though we all experience negativity, the principal thing is to know how you can erase something from your mind, and continue to remain positive. Avoiding negativity will not make all of your problems vanish; however, it makes them easier to handle.  

You can engage in positive thinking in a variety of ways. Here are ways to remove negativity and grow to be positive:

  • Transform your thoughts

it is essential to note that change starts from the mind. If you are keen on Avoiding negativity, begin by changing your perception of things. Keep your thoughts focused mostly on positive ideas. Whenever you have a negative thought, jot it down and paraphrase it to be positive. This aids you in seeing the good part of your situation and getting rid of negative energy. Also, you get a better idea of moving forward.

  • Surround yourself with positive-minded people

There is a popular saying that “birds of a feather flock together.” Therefore, we move with the kind of people we want to be like. If you are surrounded by negative energy people people, you are bound to be like them. Likewise, if you surround yourself with positive people, you easily know how you can erase something from your mind. 

Changing friends and associates can be scary; nonetheless, reducing the negative people in your life is a huge step towards becoming optimistic.

  • Smile more

Being human, we experience a lot of happenings. We work, relate with people, struggle to survive, and carry out other activities that can have us stuck in a rot. Some of these routines sometimes cause us to think conflictingly of ourselves. You can start Avoiding negativity in situations by thinking less and trying something new and exciting. 

Of course, routines can have you storing bad thoughts without even realizing it.  So, if you’re wondering how you can erase something from your mind with little or no effort, then you should consider smiling. Smiles and laughter lighten our mood and remind us not to take life so seriously. Stressed people get irritated easily, and smiling more often has been discovered to ease stress.

  • Appreciate everything

When life is centered around us, it is easy to think that we merit what we have at hand. This often creates a sense of entitlement and promotes the unrealistic belief that others ought to provide for our needs and wants. However, feeling entitled can often leave you disappointed. Individuals who live on this kind of belief drain energy as they always look for what they would gain out of a situation. 

Moreso, if you know how you can erase something from your mind and you appreciate the little things in life, things become more manageable. 

Once we change our perception and begin to appreciate our little blessings, we shift from the angle of selfishness into one of appreciation. This gratitude relieves you of an emotional burden and builds a healthy relationship with those around you. Also, getting rid of negative energy becomes easier.

Avoiding negativity  through gratitude gives room for receiving instead of taking.

  • Lend a helping hand to those in need 

Selfishness is a major result of negativity. People who are so focused on themselves do not see the need of the people around them. All their focus is directed towards themselves and nobody else. They have a selfish perception that limits their level of achievement and disrupts their relationships.

Purpose comes with positivity. Essentially, to create a purpose for yourself, start by doing something for other people. You can start small; ask about the welfare of others, or assists with heavy bags. Serving others creates a natural sense of self-worth that can remove negativity. It builds a sordid relationship with those surrounding you, and they tend to admire you in the process.

  • Stop being the victim

People who consistently imagine that their situations are overwhelming often limit themselves. It creates a misleading and antagonistic train of thought. Blaming others or your situation rids you of the decision to make something fruitful out of that situation. Of course, it feels good to blame someone else, but playing the blame game never fixes the problem.

Taking responsibility enables you to realize your potentials and your ability to handle whatever condition you are in. You realize that you oversee your ideas and feelings. This allows you to think in a positive direction and make the best out of the situation.

  • Get moving

Challenges may occur in essential aspects of our lives, such as in our work, relationships, and families.  Such challenges can breed negativity and anger. However, dwelling on the hurt of bad emotions can draw you back.

When you’re stuck in an unfavorable situation, avoid reacting immediately so you can remove negativity. It helps to take a break to gain clarity and decide what best to do to fix the problem. A few deep breaths can go a long way to calm you down. Additionally, you can try yoga for stress-relief, and consider writing down a few alternatives to solve the problem once you are calm enough.

Habits that help you stay positive

Getting rid of negative energy and negative energy people does not happen overnight. It takes a while to develop certain habits and lifestyle that helps you stay positive. Here is a list of some of these habits.

  • Do not exhibit fear
  • Learn to accept criticism
  • Practice self-control
  • Take your time
  • Read positive quotes
  • Exercise regularly
  • Learn to walk away from upsetting situations
  • Always have a positive mindset
  • Open yourself to humor
  • Practice healthy self-talk
  • Rid yourself of negative energy people

Benefits of positive thoughts

Recent research that followed 70,000 women from 2004 to 2012 found that those who avoid negative energy people and other forms of negativity had a notably reduced risk of dying from various causes of death. These include:

  • Heart diseases
  • Paralysis
  • Prevention of various cancer types
  • Stroke
  • Respiratory diseases
  • severe infections

Other proven advantages of optimism include:

  • Better quality of life: people who master the art of  getting rid of negative energy are less stressed about basic things. This allows them to live their best lives.
  • Fulfilled and happy lifestyle: studies have shown that people who do not think negatively live happily and fulfilled lives. They find a purpose and follow it, focusing on the better life aspects that enable them to enjoy life.
  • Quicker recovery from injuries and illnesses: positive thinking helps to take your mind off the pain of injuries or illnesses, leading to quicker recovery.
  • Higher energy levels: optimism increases energy levels. It makes us active and willing to work.
  • Better state of mental health: optimism plays a great part in keeping us mentally fit and healthy. It relieves the mind of the stress of overthinking, directing it towards better ways of dealing with things.
  • Improved psychological health: Several types of research has confirmed that people who have a positive mindset are more intellectually sound than most. 
  • Lower rates of anxiety and depression: when a person has little or no negative thoughts, there is a very low possibility of having depressing thoughts. Such a person is efficacious and very productive.
  • Longer and healthy life: Absence of depression, mental stress, and worries only contribute to a healthy life, increasing life span.
  • Better stress management and coping skills: Positive thinking allows you to approach things from a more practical angle. It makes it easier to adjust to a situation no matter what it may be.


Side effects of negative thinking

Pessimism, anger, stress, and irritation are feelings that accompany negative thinking and can cause different physical symptoms. Added to this, it increases the risk of diseases and shortens the life span.

Stress and other negative emotions set off several processes in our bodies, including the release of the stress hormone, immune function, and metabolism. Extended periods of stress increase inflammation in the body, which plays a vital role in serious diseases.

Some of the indications of stress include difficulty in sleeping, headache, body pain, nausea, and fatigue.

Negative thinking has the following effects.

  • Increased rate of heart attack: dwelling on cynical thoughts does no good to the heart. This vital organ of the body receives signals from the brain; therefore, it is important to remain positive. Anything contrary affects the function of the heart, which could lead to a heart attack.
  • High rate of depression. Negative thoughts lead to a high risk of depression which is one of the causes of suicide. 
  • Hostility: a person whose train of thought is negative tends to exhibit harsh attitudes towards others. This destroys relationships and pushes others away from you.
  • Unhappiness: negativity never makes you happy. It is a constant reminder of all the wrongs around you. This leaves you always dejected and never content.
  • Dementia: This severe brain injury can be influenced by negative thoughts. It could lead to personality changes and memory disorders.

If you are overwhelmed by negative thoughts and are having difficulty controlling your emotions, seek medical assistance. You would gain from medical attention, such as positive psychological therapy. Tireless negative thoughts can be caused by a hidden psychiatric condition that needs treatment.


In life, there are often complications and hardships that prove difficult to overcome weigh us down. These circumstances lead to pessimism. We begin to have doubts giving room to other negative thoughts. In this case, getting rid of negative energy seems almost impossible. To stay positive, take a while to sit and give these situations a positive spin. This would enable you to see windows of opportunities you never thought were there.

If you want to live a purposeful and healthy life, positivity should be part and parcel of your lifestyle. Remember, you have only one life to live. Open your mind to positive things, build your habits to reflect positivity, and build relationships that positively affect you. In simple words, surround yourself with positivity.

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