Enjoying a rich cup of matcha tea it’s a moment where you stop the whole lot and benefit from the delicious taste. However are you aware precisely how matcha tea impacts you? Are you aware the unwanted side effects of consuming an excessive amount of of this renowned Japanese green tea? Discover out on this article it’s quick and to the point.

What’s in Matcha Powder?

Matcha powder is produced from green tea leaves which can be shade-grown particularly for turning into matcha. You possibly can’t simply mix up any outdated gunpowder or sencha tea to make matcha powder! The green tea powder is then whisked with water and consumed – slightly than infused and strained out of the water. That’s the important thing distinction between matcha and different green teas. With matcha, you’re consuming 100% of the vitamins, nutritional vitamins, and antioxidants. A easy sencha may solely infuse half the antioxidants it incorporates into your tea, for instance.

There are just a few completely different grades of matcha too:

Ceremonial grade is the most effective grade if you happen to’re on the lookout for the most effective taste, it must be your first alternative. It’s nutritionally wealthy and grown to style finest when consumed. Including extra flavors, sweeteners.

Culinary matcha is robust and bitter because it’s designed for baking! You may still benefit from the taste in a matcha latte, however it’s not going to taste anywhere close to pretty much as good because the ceremonial grade. This doesn’t imply that the standard of this matcha isn’t pretty much as good as ceremonial, it merely implies that it’s grown to style in another way because it has a unique goal.

Each are nutritious and healthy, however ceremonial grade tends to be the matcha of alternative for drinking.


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Side Effects of Drinking Matcha Tea


The side effects of matcha solely actually come into play whenever you drink lots and lots more and plenty of matcha. The caffeine, added sugar and milk are the worst offenders and may have some unpleasant side effects in your body and mind.

One other factor you should be careful for is the standard of the matcha. Search for natural licensed matcha that’s grown with out herbicides/pesticides on the leaves or chemical fertilizers within the soil. As matcha entails consuming your complete leaf and never simply washing it and infusing it, you’ll be consuming no matter chemicals are left from the rising course of that haven’t been washed off!

Matcha green tea typically incorporates round 60mg of caffeine per cup, in comparison with a traditional green tea (like Sencha) which solely incorporates 30mg. On the caffeine scale, that is greater than a cup of black tea (50mg) and half a 12ozcup of drip coffee (120mg).

To place that each one into perspective, the really useful most restrict of caffeine consumption is 400mg per day. You’d must whisk up loads of matcha to fulfill that! Nearly 7 cups of matcha in someday will bring you to the restrict, or a mix of matcha, coffee, and different caffeinated drinks, like energy drinks.


Caffeine Side Effects


Consuming an enormous quantity of caffeine has quite a few side effects:

  • Insomnia, restlessness, and anxiousness – caffeine stimulates makes you are feeling awake and energized, however that can lead to an excessive amount of energy if you happen to devour an excessive amount of. Not solely may it preserve you awake at evening, however it may well additionally stop you from stress-free and trigger some anxious emotions. Matcha, like all green tea, incorporates l-theanine. This amino acid is fairly superior! It prevents stress hormones from binding to receptors in your mind, leaving you calm and targeted. This implies you’re much less more likely to experience these unwanted side effects in comparison with whenever you devour a considerable amount of caffeine from coffee or one other supply.
  • Increased heart rate and chest pain – caffeine stimulates the central nervous system, which controls the heart. Caffeine can enhance your blood stress and speed up your heart rate to get the blood pumping by your veins for an vitality enhance. This facet impact is extra frequent whenever you’ve skipped caffeine for an prolonged interval, then come again to it with a caffeine excessive beverage. Very excessive doses of caffeine could cause heartbeat irregularities.
  • Habit – caffeine is an addictive substance and may go away you feeling drained, grumpy and with a foul headache if you happen to don’t have a cup someday. Fortunately, caffeine ‘withdrawal’ side effects are very tame in comparison with different addictive substances! Should you can stand up to some complications, cravings for a cuppa and irritable mood for some time, you’ll be fine.

There are many myths floating round that including milk to any tea can diminish the well being advantages of it. That may not be solely true. There may be conflicting proof about this in the mean time, with some research exhibiting that including milk to green and black tea doesn’t influence ranges of catechins in your blood after consuming it. Different research present that including milk can block the EGCG catechin that everybody needs a bit of (extra on the well being advantages of EGCG below).

Both approach, milk is a superb supply of calcium that strengthens your bones… however it additionally provides extra fats to your food regimen that you could be need to keep away from to assist drop a few pounds.

Matcha is of course sugar-free and really healthy for you… however sadly, Starbucks couldn’t simply go away it alone! A complete milk grande matcha green latte from Starbucks incorporates 32g of added sugar and 6g of saturated fats. Matcha made with water has 0g of sugar. Excessive sugar could cause insomnia and restlessness within the quick time period, with weight achieve and sooner getting old (significantly in your pores and skin) for the long run. This gorgeous a lot cancels out the advantages of many matcha antioxidants.

Is Matcha Tea Healthy?

Sure, matcha is a really healthy drink. The side effects come from the caffeine and components that we put in our matcha teas. The well being advantages of matcha are the identical as infused green tea, solely amplified.

Matcha may comprise 3x extra antioxidants than different top quality, infused green teas. These antioxidants encourage cell restore, soothe irritation and are nice for healthy arteries (until you add milk and sugar).
Drinking this inexperienced tea commonly can defend you from heart illness or a heart assault. Green tea has been proven to handle levels of cholesterol and blood sugar levels. A small quantity of matcha commonly will likely be nice on your heart, simply watch out to not over-do it with the caffeine, as that may be detrimental to your heart health.
Green tea can enhance your metabolic rate – one issue that may allow you to shift some extra weight! Matcha isn’t a miracle drink, however, so be sure you get loads of train and a balanced food regimen that will help you attain your weight goals.
Improved alertness, focus, and concentrations is a standard benefit you’ll experience shortly after ending your matcha tea. That is all because of the amino acid l-theanine, which promotes these emotions of relaxed alertness by blocking stress hormones within the brain. This will soothe anxiousness or get you able to sort out the day. Simply bear in mind that it’ll finally put on off, identical to caffeine, and go away you feeling a bit of sluggish. That’s fully normal.

Matcha – A Safe Green Tea


Matcha is a secure and healthy drink, as long as you drink it carefully (only a few cups a day, at most) and select a natural, ceremonial or high quality culinary grade powder. To keep away from all the side effects, sip your matcha slowly with out milk or sugar!

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