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21-Day Fat Loss Program

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Belly fat is easy to gain but hard to lose. Besides a fatty diet, there are many reasons that can cause you to pile on belly fat such as stress, lack of disease and in some cases lifestyle diseases like diabetes. Exercise alone is not enough to lose belly fat and maintain your weight. Your daily diet places a crucial role in fighting belly fat.

Here are some tips that you can keep in mind to fight the stubborn belly fat and get a flat tummy.

1. Avoid high glycemic index foods: The moment you load up on high glycemic index foods, your blood sugar levels spike up suddenly. This excess sugar would eventually get stored as fat, and result in a bigger belly. 

2. Give up refined sugar:  Sugar impacts your metabolic health. It can lead to increased accumulation of fat in your belly. Excess refined sugar can challenge your digestive system and slow down your metabolism. It may lead to greater fat accumulation around your waist, so it is best to avoid if you want to lose few inches around your belly.

3.Green Smoothie Meal Replacements: Eat several servings of fruits and veggies daily to help your body clear out the overabundance of fats, sugars, processed foods and empty calories you  are taking in during the festivities. Green Smoothies are a great way to get your daily servings of fruits and veggies, and help keep you feeling full. Replace at least one meal a day with a green smoothie.

4. Drink lots of herbal water: Herbal water such as jeera water or ajwain water can help in kick-starting your metabolism. It is good to drink them early morning on an empty stomach. A combination of honey, lemon and water also works wonders. 

5. Eat more fiber rich foods: High fiber foods such as oats, whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables delay your digestion and because the output of sugar is not in big quantum, these is not converted into fat. 

6. Have protein in each meal: Most health experts suggest that you must eat protein in every meal to lose weight and also maintain it. Protein takes longest to digest which keeps you full and satisfied and avoids unnecessary binging.

7.Do A Quick DETOX : Build in a few detox days to help your body cleanse. Properly made green smoothies make tasty and easy detox drinks that are great for cleansing the body of excess without leaving you feeling deprived of flavor. Detox is necessary once in a few months to help your body reset. Especially before and after holidays season, it is a great time to do a longer detox to clear your body and reset your diet to a healthier one. Check out my 21-Day Detox program that’s PERFECT to cleanse your body and gut.

Tweaking your diet and keeping these tips in mind, can not only help you lose weight but also maintain it in the long run. 

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