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The ketogenic, or keto, weight loss program is a weight loss program rich in fat, average in protein, and really low in carbs.

It has long been used to deal with epilepsy, a mind dysfunction that causes seizures.

Owing to its therapeutic results in managing epilepsy, the keto weight loss program has been advised to alleviate or stop different brain problems like migraine.

This post examines the proof to find out whether or not the keto weight loss program may help stop migraine.

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The keto weight loss program and migraine

Keto refers to a weight loss program that consists primarily of fat with only a few carbs normally lower than 50 grams each day.

For reference, the typical American adult consumes 200–350 grams of carbs each day.

Carbs are present in a wide range of meals, similar to fruits, breads, cereals, pasta, milk and different dairy merchandise, in addition to starchy greens like potatoes and corn.

Usually, your body breaks down carbs from these meals into glucose to produce your cells with energy.

But, once you severely prohibit carbs out of your weight loss program for 3–4 days, your body should search for different gas sources to satisfy its power needs.

It does so by breaking down fat in your liver to supply ketones, which your body and brain can simply use for power.

Your body enters a metabolic state known as ketosis when blood ketone ranges rise above regular.

It has been advised that these ketones have protecting results towards migraine.

Migraine is characterised by complications that trigger extreme throbbing or pulsing ache, normally on one side of your head.

This pain could also be accompanied by different signs, similar to nausea and sensitivity to light or sound.

Whereas the precise mechanism stays unclear, it’s thought that the ketones produced whereas on a keto weight loss program restore mind excitability and energy metabolism to counteract brain irritation in individuals with migraine.


Consuming a low variety of carbs on a keto weight loss program forces your body to shift its metabolism from utilizing carbs as gas to utilizing ketones. These ketones have been advised to alleviate migraine.

Ketones could protect against migraine attacks

Early analysis has advised that the keto weight loss program could also be useful for stopping or treating migraine.

The primary report dates back to 1928, when medical literature reported that 39% of individuals skilled some enchancment in migraine frequency and severity with the keto weight loss program.

A later research in 1930 demonstrated that 28% of individuals with migraine who adopted a keto weight loss program skilled no migraine attacks for up to three months after getting into ketosis, with one other 25% reporting much less extreme or much less frequent migraine assaults.

However, since these reviews, interest within the keto weight loss program for migraine steadily declined, seemingly associated to the weight loss program’s strict nature and the event of over-the-counter and prescription medicines for managing the situation.

Curiosity was later renewed when a 2015 observational research discovered that migraine frequency was considerably decreased in ladies who adopted a low calorie keto weight loss program for 1 month, in contrast with a typical low calorie weight loss program.

Still, in contrast with the usual weight loss program, ladies who adopted the keto weight loss program lost considerably extra weight, suggesting that the discount in migraine frequency can also be linked to weight reduction relatively than the keto weight loss program itself.

To find out whether or not weight reduction is linked to a lower in migraine attack frequency, researchers performed a follow-up research.

The research famous that members with migraine skilled a mean of three fewer attacks per thirty days whereas on a really low calorie keto weight loss program, in contrast with a really low calorie non-keto weight loss program, regardless of related weight reduction between the diets.

Strengthening these findings, one other research noticed important reductions in migraine frequency, length, and severity after a 1-month keto weight loss program.

Collectively, these outcomes recommend that the keto weight loss program could deal with migraine however not stop the situation totally.



Research have demonstrated that the keto weight loss program could assist reduce migraine frequency, duration, and severity.

The jury is still out

The current proof suggests {that a} keto weight loss program may help cut back migraine frequency, length, or severity.

However, there’s still a lot to be discovered in regards to the keto weight loss program earlier than it may be routinely advisable as a main or supplementary therapy possibility for individuals with migraine.

For instance, it’s unknown whether or not a state of ketosis have to be maintained constantly or solely a number of the time to experience its protecting results towards migraine.

Furthermore, the entire research displaying the useful results of the keto weight loss program on migraine had been performed in adults who had obese or weight problems primarily based on their body mass index (BMI).

Subsequently, it’s unknown whether or not adults with a BMI within the “regular” vary would expertise the same advantages.

Many of the research had been additionally performed by the same group of researchers in the same geographical location and setting, which may bias the outcomes and restrict the generalizability of the findings to different populations.

Other than these research weaknesses, the keto weight loss program might be difficult to observe long run and trigger changes to bowel habits. Plus, it could be contraindicated in individuals with sure liver circumstances, similar to pancreatitis, liver failure, and fat-metabolism-related problems.

Curiously, a research is underway to find out whether or not ketone dietary supplements stop migraine.

Exogenous ketone dietary supplements are produced synthetically however have been proven to extend blood ketone ranges, mimicking what occurs once you observe a keto weight loss program.

That mentioned, ketone dietary supplements could also be an alternative choice to following a keto weight loss program for managing migraine attacks.

Still, extra research are wanted to verify the keto weight loss program’s potential to handle migraine.


Whereas the keto weight loss program could also be a promising therapy possibility for migraine, extra research are needed.

The bottom line

The keto weight loss program is a weight loss program that shifts your metabolism from burning carbs to ketones for gas.

These ketones could have protecting results towards migraine, a brain dysfunction that causes throbbing headache.

Whereas promising, extra research are wanted to find out the efficacy of the keto weight loss program for managing migraine.




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